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Increase Your Laptop’s Battery Life – Do and Don’ts

Extensive use sometimes leads to laptop breakdown. Woking on your laptop on the go and it has run out of juice? This is not uncommon. At Easytechs, we are often asked about how to extend the battery life of laptops. Given below are few simple tips that can save you from costly battery replacement and increase laptop’s run-time.

 leptop battery

    1. Charge your laptop for 12 hours before you unplug
    2. Keep the brightness of laptop screen as low as possible. Also, turn off your keyboard backlighting.
    3. Do not forget to remove any external device plugged in the USB port after use.
    4. Do use a cooler to avoid overheating which forces the internal fans to run faster which in turn consume more battery.
    5. Choose hibernate over standby mode. It shuts down the computer while saving the state of your computer.
    6. Use windows power plan settings that comes built in to improve your laptop battery life. Look for “Power Options” if using Windows XP and “Energy Saver” on Mac.
    7. Clean your battery contacts to increase the energy efficiency.
    8. Use your “full” battery fairly soon after charging. Batteries leak power if not used soon.
    9. Avoid using a CD or DVD as optical drives consumer large amounts of power to spin up CDs and DVDs.
    10. If you do not plan to access your network or Internet connection, consider powering it off.

These simple yet powerful tricks can make your laptop run longer. For computer maintenance in Birmingham, take it to a reputed computer repairs Birmingham.

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