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When our server crashed on a hectic Monday morning, first we panicked !and then we called Easytechs (from a recommendation). The engineer arrived within an hour and repaired the server onsite. We were very impressed by the service we received.
We've been using Easytechs for a couple of years. They always come out very quick for emergencies for minimum down time to our business, very reasonable rates and excellent service.
I have used Easytechs on a number of occaisions and have found they provide a speedy and reliable service with a no hassle back up
Bob from Birmingham: I don't have the time to learn all about IT and have used Easytechs over a number of years to provide hardware, software and technical support. As a charity we are always conscious of value for money but we have also found their level of customer service and response to be excellent and I would thoroughly recommend them.