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Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Switch to Easytechs For Your Computer Repairs!

With the tech world evolving every day, keeping track of all new technologies and gizmos coming out in the market can be an arduous job.  What’s even more tiring is figuring out what went wrong every time your computer starts giving you problems.


So, you’ve tried running an antivirus scan, uninstalling any recent suspicious looking programs, restarting your machine; but it still WON’T work! What then?


You probably think about getting professional help. That’s a smart choice.


You call up a computer repair company in Birmingham, explain the issues faced to help them comprehend the situation and they offer to come up to you in the next 3-4 hours with help.


IN THE NEXT 3-4 HOURS!! What about that important document you were working on that you had to submit to your boss tomorrow? Down it goes in the drain!


So the very first and the most crucial reason I present to you is:


1.       Onsite service within 1 hour

Whether you are a home or business customer, we know your time’s value. Our PC technicians reach your place within one hour of the request submitted. We are proud to tell you that we are one of the few computer repair companies in Birmingham to offer such unrivalled time frames.


2.       No fix=No fee

Now isn’t that great? We won’t offer you any fee if we do not find any fixable errors in your machine. We value our loyal customers more than money.



3.       No call out charge

Want more? We don’t charge anything for calling out either. So call up anytime you face a hurdle with your computer repairs in Coventry. We are here to assist.



4.       Virus and spyware removal/computer updates

We provide hassle-free antivirus protection for your PC or laptop that you bought. So, go on and protect your stuff. Also, we do software updates to help you keep ahead in this race of emerging technology.


5.       New computer builds

Last but definitely not the least; we help you custom PCs. Laptops and tablets might have taken over the new internet-on-the-go generation; but custom builds still hold a charm for our game fanatics and in commercial organisations. A custom-built PC is better suited for your needs and lifestyle.

So, for any kind of computer repairs in Birmingham contact us.

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No Fix = No Fee - No Call Out Charge