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What Is New In Windows 10 Update?

For those of you starting to prep their computers and waiting eagerly for the scheduled launch of Windows 10 on July 29, 2015; here is a small list of all its cool new features that are making heads turn in the digital markets!

1.Start Menu- And your favourite start menu is back with this latest edition of Windows. Along with the desktop apps, the start menu would now accommodate Live Tiles of Windows 8 style Metro Start Screen. Users would then have the choice to customise their desktop screen according to their preferences.

2.Action Centre- Get informed of all important notifications regarding your system with constant reminders from the Action Centre of your desktop PC just like your tablets or mobile phones. Convenient, right?

3.Cortana- And here comes the show stealer! Cortana which was introduced as the clever digital assistant on Windows 8.1 mobile platforms would now be available on your desktop PC too. Here Cortana would take control of your OS’s search functions, using your personal information to help you find and sort online informational queries.
4.Project Spartan- Tired of your lagging IE. Chuck it away in a corner; Windows 10 Project Spartan browser is powered with the latest Edge rendering engine; making it faster and slicker to provide users with a more refined browser experience.
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